New Projects for the New Year!

Embroidery Folk Art Frida Kahlo Shrine Boxes

Picture of Frida Kahlo Shrine Box by Snapdragon

The holiday season (as always) was a bit hectic with fairs and markets. Thanks to everyone who stopped by, admired, and purchased my work! It means the world to me. 

Now that we are into the new year, I am looking forward to some exciting projects and ventures. 

First and foremost, I am working on some big, dramatic pieces for my first gallery show this spring! It will be a group show with three other artists (the three of us won a juried contest at the Madelife Gallery in Boulder last January). Since Madelife lost its gallery space shortly thereafter, they are looking to partner up with another gallery in Boulder. That is why the exact date/location of the show is still up in the air. 

For the show, I am creating some very large embroidered hoop art and some painted shrine boxes for my most elaborate Frida dolls.

Picture of "Frida Kahlo with Cactus" Hoop Art


The hoop above was loosely inspired by one of my favorite Kahlo portraits, painted in 1940.

Actual Frida Kahlo Painting, Self Portrait, 1940


I also created a more faithful rendition of that piece for the show.


Image of "Frida Kahlo with Thorn Necklace" Hoop


The doll and shrine were inspired by Kahlo’s well-known and emotional 1944 painting “The Broken Column.” 


Actual Painting of Frida Kahlo's "Broken Column," 1944 

For the shrine boxes, I've had to teach myself to paint... It has been an adventure, and I will share some more detailed process photos in posts to come.


Picture of Broken Column Shrine Box


I have also started making a series of smaller shrine boxes that are for sale now (the gallery pieces will be for sale during/after the sale, possibly with a pre-show offering beforehand). Since I have transitioned from offering my Frida dolls with loops to hang them to offering them as free-standing year-round art dolls (which now come with stands), I am also excited to start selling a line of Fridas in shrines. 


Picture of Frida Kahlo Shrine Box with Red Flowers by Snapdragon


Picture of Frida Kahlo Shrine Box with Yellow Flowers by Snapdragon


Whew, well I think that is enough for one catch-up post! Like I said, I am planning to create posts on some of the individual gallery pieces with lots more details soon. Thanks for reading! 


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