Frida & July: Sacred Spaces

Folk Art Frida Kahlo

July was a big month in Frida’s life--she was born on July 6th. She died on July 13 (my birthday).

Astrologically, Frida was a Cancer, a highly emotional, intuitive, and artistic sign, represented by the crab. Cancerians form intense connections with their homes (their shells), often seeing them as transformational, safe, and spiritual spaces in which to nurture their creativity and take refuge from the wider world.

Frida’s own home, La Casa Azul (The Blue House), was filled with personal altars, extensive folk art collections, retablos, and icons. It now houses the Frida Kahlo Museum.  

Here are some photographs from Frida and Diego's home and studios, featuring some of their folk art collection. 


 Standing folk art figures in Diego's studio.

You can see more images at the site for the Frida Kahlo Museum at

Part of my interest in folk art and Frida came from my own tendency to fill my home with vibrant colors, cultural artifacts, and talismans. I eventually found myself wanting to create beautiful objects that would resonate with others and help transform their homes, workplaces, or studios into similarly meaningful spaces. 

Here are a few pictures of my own workspace at my previous apartment. 

 The framed crewel work above the cabinet was made by my great-grandmother. The paperweights on the cabinet belonged to my grandfather. The dolls, of course, were made by me. So we have three generations, all set up on a cabinet owned by my grandparents. 

Here is a picture of the crewel work piece my great-grandmother created to celebrate my birth. It is a crab for Cancer.  I have collected many other astrological artworks over the years. 

And now we have come full circle... 

If people are interested, I will post more pictures of my own space sometime. I have lived in many apartments and had a wide variety of folk art set ups! 

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