Frida Kahlo Folk Art Doll in Blue Shrine Box with Red Flowers
Frida Kahlo Folk Art Doll in Blue Shrine Box with Red Flowers
Frida Kahlo Folk Art Doll with Beadwork, Blue Rose, Heart Milagro, and Framed Kahlo Painting
Frida Kahlo Folk Art Doll with Blue and Yellow Beadwork Shirt, Recycled Fabric Skirt, Heart Milagro, Framed Frida Kahlo Painting
Frida Kahlo Art Doll, Removable, Blue Shrine Box with Silver Stars
Hand-painted wooden shrine box, dark blue with silver stars, red flowers
Dark blue hand-painted shrine box with silver stars painted on all sides
Hand-painted Blue Shrine Box with Silver Stars, Handmade Frida Kahlo Art Doll Inside
Dark Blue Shrine Box with Silver Stars, Hand-Painted
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Nina's Frida Kahlo Art Doll in Blue Shrine Box with Red Flowers

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This embellished Frida Kahlo art doll will connect you to Frida's powerful artistic spirit and vision, offering you a concrete symbol of creative inspiration, passion, and transformational possibility. I hope she will serve as a muse, talisman, and guide--a sacred icon to nurture your core intentions. The hand-painted shrine box will allow you to immediately display your folk art doll, turning your home or workplace into a vibrant, enlivening space. This item is created by Nina Shope and is in no way affiliated with the Frida Kahlo Corporation.

I handcrafted this Frida doll individually, and she is my original design. She is wearing a hand-beaded blue and yellow shirt (a recreation of one of the Tehuana blouses that Frida frequently wore), a skirt made from recycled fabric (to which I've added beaded embellishment with vintage seed beads), and an blue camellia in her hair. She is holding a framed portrait of herself and Diego Rivera (a section of Kahlo's Earth Goddess painting) in her hands. She is wearing a silver necklace with a silver heart-milagro charm.

The cosmic blue shrine box is decorated with silver stars on all sides. Inside, Frida stands between two branches of red flowers. The doll is removable, so you can pick her up and handle her whenever you like.  The wooden box is approximately 8.5" tall x 5.25" wide x 3.5" deep. The doll is approximately 7.5" tall x 2.25" wide. 

No single Snapdragon offering is exactly the same. Each is stitched, embroidered, beaded, and embellished by hand. The faces, energy, and details vary and come alive each time I sit down to craft a new piece. Snapdragon creations are unique artworks, special, magical, and powerful. I spend a great deal of time selecting the colors, textures, and details to include in each artwork. I want my creations to leave you feeling passionate, enlivened, and emotionally connected.

Each  doll is lightweight and multi-textured, glittery, and colorful. The figure is cut from soft Ultrasuede fabric. The back is undecorated. She is stuffed with eco-friendly, U.S. grown raw cotton. I always strive to use recycled and repurposed fabrics and embellishments when I can.  

I will wrap your purchase in colorful tissue paper and ribbon and include a write-up about my work, along with a high-quality greeting card featuring an image of Frida or her art that you can hang on your wall, set on your altar, pin to your vision board, share with a friend, or provide as a gift. I will ship your purchase USPS first class, with insurance.